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Katherine Minor

View from the side of the stage. Photo Katherine Minor.
Often I find the excitement of traveling in savoring the anticipation. I love to imagine what lies ahead - what the people are like, where are the busiest streets, how will I end up spending my time?
Similar to people, ballet companies have their own personality. This year as I did a tour of auditions, I discovered Northern Ballet was someone I wanted to get to know. I was drawn to their honest approach; the way they took enough time to really learn about my abilities, and also introduce me the breadth of the Company.
Just as many other things seem to happen, one thing lead to another, and before I knew it I was following the path to dancing professionally. I've enjoyed every step of the journey, and because of that, I kept taking the next step until it got me here, at Northern Ballet. Dance has always felt like something that I needed as a major aspect of my life and it has given me direction in so many ways.
Katherine Minor
Katherine left Northern Ballet in May 2014. Learn more about Katherine Where were you born and raised? I was born in France but moved to the US before my first birthday and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Where did you do your dance training? I started ballet at the age of 5, and spent nearly all of my training years at The School of Oregon Ballet Theatre, with one year of training at the Paris Opera Ballet School. When did you join Northern Ballet? Spring 2013, this is my first season with Northern Ballet.
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