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Perpetual Motion

We’re half way through Perpetual Motion here at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre and it’s overdue that I say something about it. Firstly, it’s fantastic. We have an outstanding facility in the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre and it both serves and is served by the nature of this show. Secondly, I’m interested by the title.
From Twitter to forums and review pages we bring together the thoughts and opinions of people who have seen Perpetual Motion with links back to the original post.. romantic for the St Valentine’s season. Charles Hutchinson for The York Press
Making Kenneth Tindall's Project #1 Featuring interviews with dancers and amazing rehearsal footage this video gives an insight into the creation of Kenneth Tindall's first choreographic work. Interview with Christopher Hampson
Production photos from Perpetual Motion, Northern Ballet's mixed bill at Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre from 9 - 18 February, 2012. All photos taken by Brian Slater.
This video features interviews with dancers and rehearsal footage from Kenneth Tindall's choreographic debut, Project #1. The work will premiere as part of the Northern Ballet mixed bill, Perpetual Motion, which also features Rhapsody in Blue (from David Nixon's I Got Rhythm), Glass Canon (by Daniel de Andrade to music by Moishe's Bagel) and Perpetuum Mobile (by soon-to-be artistic director of Scottish Ballet, Christopher Hampson).
Christopher Hampson, choreographer of Perpetuum Mobile and Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet, talks to us about this work set to music by Bach. He also talks about working with our dancers, the evolution of work over the years and just how busy he is this year (2012)...
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