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Class was not until 2.30 today so time for a lie in, some shopping or a bit of sightseeing. It was a beautiful sunny day at 20 degrees C - the last warm day we will see on this tour as we move north to Hangzhou or Beijing tomorrow. The two main attractions listed for Guangzhou are the Temple of Six Banyan Trees and the Pearl River (cruise at night.) This old Buddhist Temple was originally built around 537AD. It has been rebuilt many times and the current Lotus Pagoda (at the centre of the Temple complex) dates from 1900.
All photos and videos were originally posted to Northern Ballet Technical's Facebook page. Please wait while the photos and video are loaded from Facebook. Guangzhou. A city of huge buildings and huge potential. Today we achieved. The Guangzhou Opera House resonated to the sound of rapturous applause this evening. Now for time in the hotel bar to celebrate this achievement. Daytime off tomorrow to recover and then show call and get out. Sunday we travel to Beijing.
A 9am departure for Xiamen Airport. Check in was a little chaotic and the Chinese idea of queuing is a little different to ours. Time for Coffee - Xiamen Airport's version of Starbucks maybe?
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