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With live music played by Northern Ballet Sinfonia, this trailer features our dancers performing David Nixon's Swan Lake filmed at Leeds Grand Theatre. Featured dancers in this trailer include Javier Torres, Martha Leebolt, Giuliano Contadini and Ayami Miyata.
In the middle of the night young Anthony and his brother Steven have stolen from their beds determined to swim in the lake. Steven thinking better of the night swim tries to stop Anthony but ends up watching him disappear into the black pool. Mistaking the quiet for a problem, Steven follows his brother. Anthony climbs out to discover Steven gone and starts calling his name.
Northern Ballet's Ballet Master and creator of Elves & the Shoemaker, Daniel de Andrade, tell us more about our latest ballet for children.
It takes two days to install everything needed for Peter Pan into the theatre. The lights, curtains, floor (dancers perform on a sprung floor to minimise impant on their limbs) and revolve. the second day concentrates on the set and getting all the lights in to position.
Using fantastic images from our production, this storybook is perfect for young children to get to know the story before they come to see the ballet - or to relive the ballet afterwards! download the Peter Pan storybook (PDF 8.5MB) The storybook features photos by Alastair Muir, Linda Rich and Brian Slater.
Download and keep our playsheet for little Elves with a colour in ballerina, wordsearch, criss-cross, maze and spot the difference.
From the rehearsal studios for Dracula. Premier Dancers Martha Leebolt as Mina, and Tobias Batley and Dracula. Music In Memoriam (2nd movement) by Alfred Schnittke.


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