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Michela Paolacci

Stunning photography for Madame Butterfly taken by Jason Tozer and Perpetuum Mobile taken by Brian Slater.
Martha Leebolt as Cinderella. Photo Bill Cooper.
Seven more wonderful images from Cinderella taken by Bill Cooper. See the full Cinderella production photo gallery here...
Martha Leebolt and Tobias Batley in Cinderella. Photo Bill Cooper.
Photographs of Cinderella taken at Leeds Grand Theatre in December 2013 by Bill Cooper and Emma Kauldhar.
Clips from our new ballet, Cinderella featuring dancers Martha Leebolt, Tobias Batley, Pippa Moore, Hironao Takahashi, Hannah Bateman, Michela Paolacci, Dreda Blow and Giuliano Contadini.
Dreda Blow in Cinderella Rehearsals. Photo Justin Slee.
In November 2013 photographer Justin Slee came to our home to photograph the on-going rehearsals for Cinderella...
Jason Tozer took some amazing pictures for us to user on our posters for Cinderella, here's just a few...
Michela Paolacci
Michela joined the Company in 2003 and left in 2014. She was born in Rome and is half American and half Italian. She trained at Centro Danza La Sylphide, Rome; Royal Ballet School (Lower School); National Ballet Academy of Rome; Centro Studi Danza Laura Morandini and English National Ballet School.
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