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Sebastian Loe

What keeps you motivated? Curiosity. Tell us a funny ballet story. During Swan Lake, another dancer was supposed to fall off his bike but he did it too early and we had to fill out the scene throwing a football around for an uncomfortable amount of music! How do you like to relax? By watching a good movie. Can you cook? If so, what’s your signature dish? I make a good stir fry. What is your TV viewing guilty pleasure? Take Me Out.
Watch videos of Elves & the Shoemaker Click a title to see the video...
This is a 'Tales from Touring' blog with a difference - 'Tales from Le Tour' to be precise - as I went with Isadora Valero Meza and Sebastian Loe on a journey along this weekend's Tour de France route for a photo shoot with the Yorkshire Post, Harvey Nichols and Vidal Sassoon showcasing the best of Yorkshire alongside some stunning French fashion.
The television adaptation of Northern Ballet’s Ugly Duckling has been nominated for a Royal Television Society programme award in the Children’s Fiction category. 
Martha Leebolt and Tobias Batley in Cinderella. Photo Bill Cooper.
Photographs of Cinderella taken at Leeds Grand Theatre in December 2013 by Bill Cooper and Emma Kauldhar.
Our dancers are training hard for Cinderella, but it isn't all barre work. Photographer Justin Slee was on hand when Greentop Circus came to our home to teach us circus skills...
Christmas is never far away with with our heart-warming and hugely popular adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic tale. Principal dancers in this video...
In a nutshell describe your job and how you got into it I'm a Coryphée at Northern Ballet, my job is exciting, challenging and fulfilling. I got into it by spontaneously taking part in a class where my sister had ballet lessons after school. Where can you be found when you’re not at Northern Ballet? Probably at the cinema as I'm a bit of a movie buff.
Sebastian Loe
Sebastian was born in London and trained at the Royal Ballet School. He joined Northern Ballet in 2004 and retired from the Company after the run of The Nutcracker in early 2016.
In honour of Shrove Tuesday 2010 (Pancake Day), we put our dancers pancake flipping skills to the test in the studio earlier today. Graham Kotowich, Tobias Batley, Sebastian Loe and Ashley Dixon limbered up for a pancake race, before displaying their individual flipping skills! Were still not sure who the clear winner was either!
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