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American naval officer, Pinkerton, and some friends are being entertained in a geisha house. He is bewitched by one particularly beautiful geisha and Goro the marriage broker points out that the young girl in question, Butterfly, can be purchased as a ‘bride’. Butterfly is little more than a child and believes this to be a serious marriage. She betrays her religion and adopts her husband’s Christian faith, committing herself to him forever.
Tobias Batley as Mark Antony in Northern Ballet's Cleopatra. Photo Bill Cooper.
Prologue Cleopatra chants to the gods, summoning the God Wadjet, protector of the Pharaohs. With his kiss comes ultimate freedom and a place with the gods. He slowly appears in the form of a snake and slithers across her breast, before taking a human form. Wadjet holds Cleopatra firmly in his arms, drawing her closer. A shaft of light suddenly breaks through, revealing a golden throne. This is the throne of the Egyptian Pharaohs and that of the Ptolemys – Cleopatra’s family.
Act I The Countryside outside Moscow It is an idyllic summer afternoon and a picnic is in progress to celebrate Cinderella’s birthday. Her Father, Count Serbrenska, gives her a present and they are joined by Cinderella’s Stepmother and her Stepsisters, Natasha and Sophia. Prince and Princess Mulakov, who are good friends of the Count, arrive with their son, Prince Mikhail. As the afternoon continues, the young people play and the adults stroll or join a shooting party on the other side of the river.
Dracula. Photo Merlin Hendy.
ACT 1 Prologue A man, Dracula, steps from a coffin. Naked we step into the world, naked we re-enter. Voyage Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer, boards a carriage for the final leg of a journey that has brought him far from home. Arrival and Sojourn Jonathan reads through his papers as Count Dracula watches. Jonathan is terrorised by the vampire, but is what happens reality, fantasy, or both?
As the Edwards family prepare for their Christmas party, Clara imagines the wonderful things that might happen. Her brother Frederick can’t miss a moment to tease her and is only stopped by the arrival of their beautiful older sister Louise.
Mrs Darling encounters a something strange in her children's room.
Hannah Bateman as Isabella and Christopher Hinton-Lewis as Heathcliff. Photo Merlin Hendy.
In the kitchen at Wuthering Heights, Cathy and her brother Hindley are playing together, waiting for their father to return. He arrives home with a ragged child known as Heathcliff. As they grow older Cathy and Heathcliff spend their time together on the desolate moors where the bond between them grows closer, with Hindley remaining on the outside of their intense relationship. Years later Cathy and Hindley’s father dies and Hindley becomes master of Wuthering Heights. He takes his revenge upon Heathcliff, delighting in his degradation and humiliation.
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