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Cleopatra reviews

Gathered on this page are thoughts & reviews from various sources about Northern Ballet's production of Cleopatra.

Brilliant , Excellent , what a beautiful production by David Nixon and his amazing dancers, the music fits perfectly and just stunning how lucky Leeds is to have this company as its home, well done Northern Ballet Company Lynsey Haigh One of the best performances I have seen in years, loved every minute

Diane John - via Facebook

Bravo for Cleopatra, a triumph, masterpiece. Stunning in every aspect, Dancing, costumes, lighting, music it's all amazing. Well done.

Stuart Rhodes - via Facebook

I think the write up for the critics and press will be a tuff call, you can only write, Fantastic, creative, spectacular, fabulous and stunning so many time in a article, This piece for me has put up the flag of Northern Ballet to say, we have arrived and we are here to stay. If you like dance at all then it is well worth a visit, see this link Michelle Finlay I can only echo what's been said so far already.Cleopatra was a triumph!!!Red hot,Sexy, Passionate,Captivating.A Visual treat and breathtaking at times.I felt privileged to have been amongst the first to see it.Simply Stunning!!!!!Congratulations to all involved with this production.Long May you rein.

Harry Wells - via Facebook

Saw Cleopatra last night, fantastic doesn't cover it... The music, dancing, costumes etc were all spot on. Easily the best ballet I've seen so far, loved it - thanks for a great Saturday night!

Philip Webb - via Facebook

Couldn't agree more: beautiful, powerful, and one for the repertoire long term, I hope!

Annalisa Mather - via Facebook

Just got back from Cleopatra premiere .... absolutely stunning!!!!! Huge congratulations to a superb company and composer

Sue Ayres

Great show - LOVED it! :-)

Su Harrison - via Facebook

This week their Premiere of Cleopatra was a new world to be entered; a new world that I always believe, in this genre, means a risk. The risk paid off.

Tamsyn O'Connor

Even in ensemble pieces choreography is tight and challenging, showing the company at its best.

Ann Beedham, The Sheffield Star

This production is as much Schonberg’s triumph as Nixon and Leebolt’s, and the contributions of designer Christopher Giles and lighting designer Tim Mitchell to this epic conceit are important too.

Charles Hutchinson, The York Press

David Nixon’s new ballet about the Serpent of the Nile provides a perfect role for the newly-crowned queen of classical ballet, Martha Leebolt.

Neil Norman, The Stage

One of several intelligent choices made by choreographer David Nixon is to define his own narrative terrain

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

Martha Leebolt won a National Dance Award in 2010 and it is easy to see why: she is a wonderfully eloquent, intelligent performer, who tackles her role with complete assurance.

Laura Thompson, The Telegraph

...and then the music started and Cleopatra came on and et tu Brute, I was hooked.

Rose George, Culture Vultures

David Nixon’s new Cleopatra ... is a bold and beguiling move in a totally fresh direction.

Mery Bennan, The Herald Scotland

★★★★★ - Composer Claude-Michel Schönberg matches Nixon every step of the way, with a score that conveys drama, conflict and love in equal measure.

Kelly Apter, The Scotsman

★★★★★ - Staggeringly immense creative talents here combine to generate a masterpiece that is even greater than the sum of its extraordinary parts.

Justine Blundell, The Edinburgh Guide

In Northern Ballet's new production, there are touches of pageantry, some strong performances and fluent designs...

Zoe Anderson, The Independent

"...Cleopatra is a stunner." - "...the audience loved every minute of it." - "Melodies, rhythm and rich orchestrations flesh out the emotions flying around our heads and hearts." - "Nixon's gripping vignette of [Mark Antony's] heartrending conflict when condemned to kill himself is a sequence of pure dance magic."

Jeffrey Taylor - The Sunday Express (6 March, 2011)



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