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Cleopatra Characters

The principal characters you'll encounter while watching Cleopatra.



The last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt who, in a world ruled by men, used her beauty, determination and scandalous romances to seduce Rome and rise to power, but not without sacrifice.



The Egyptian god who takes the form of a snake and is summoned by Cleopatra. He too falls under her spell but through his help she is granted ultimate freedom and a place with the gods.

Mark Antony

Mark Antony

Mark Antony became Caesar's successor after his assassination. Even though married, Cleopatra seduced him in order to maintain her power. After losing in battle, he took his own life.


Julius Caesar

The Roman Emperor who acknowledges Cleopatra as the Queen of Egypt and who is seduced by her  beauty and cleverness.  He was later assassinated in Rome.



Cleopatra's brother who, even though married to her, refused to share the Egyptian throne. This  forces Cleopatra  to take matters into her own hands.



The son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. Caesar tried to change Roman law so that Caesarion could be acknowledged as his rightful heir but could not do so as marriages with foreigners, like Cleopatra, were forbidden.



Roman general and brother to Octavia. He has no time for Cleopatra and after watching Mark Antony's indulgence in her, he returns to Egypt with his army. Battle begins between the two with dramatic consequences.



Sister to Octavian and wife to Mark Antony. In order to keep peace, she travels to Egypt to try and bring Mark Antony home. Finding she is no match for the determined Cleopatra, she is forced to return to Rome without her husband by her side.

Photos Bill Cooper.

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