Dracula creative team

David Nixon, OBE – Choreography, Direction & Costume Design
Choreography, Direction & Costume Design
David Nixon, OBE
Ali Allen – Set designer
Set designer
Ali Allen
Tim Mitchell – Lighting designer
Lighting designer
Tim Mitchell


Original Production Manager

Tim Anger

Revival Production Manager

Steve Wilkins

Original Set Construction

Jon Moorhouse

Peter Deacon

Mike Roberts


Revival Set Construction

Griz Pedley

Pradeep Dash

David Ramsey

Northern Ballet Stage Department

Original Scenic Artists

Dave Gillan

Matt Grace

Cathy Stewart

Brendan Croker

Alex Cuttill

Revival Scenic Artists

Ali Allen


Ali Allen

Alex Christie

Simon Fitzgerald

Naomi Parker

Top Show

Northern Ballet Stage Management

Specialist Rigging & Cage Flying

Adam Searle for
The Rigging Team

Specialist Fabrics



Wardrobe Supervisor

Kim Brassley

Assisted by

Mikhaila Pye

Julie Anderson

Carley Marsh

Ladies costumes made by

Julie Anderson

Assisted by

Carley Marsh

Paula Grosvenor

Becky Smith

Sarah Hartley

Jessica Hinchliffe

Vicky Richards

Claire Powell

Mikhaila Pye

Ellie Kemp

Holly Prescott

Roxanne Major

Megan Griffiths

Dracula, Harker, Holmwood, Van Helsing & Renfield costumes made by

Phil Reynolds

Assisted by

Sue MacKenzie

Amanda Hall

Angelina Peroni

Anna Von


Judith Edgley

Seward & Asylum Attendant made by

Becky Graham

Wigs, Hair & Makeup Supervisor

Harriet Rogers

Pointe Shoes by

Freed of London

Stage Management

Company Manager

Emily Deller

Production Stage Manager

Lyndsey Holmes

Production Deputy Stage Manager

Chun Yen Chia

Production Assistant Stage Manager

Holly Spence


Alfred Schnittke

Faust Cantata (opening)

Concerto Grosso no.1 (1st movement)

Concerto Grosso no.1 (2nd movement)

(K)ein Sommemachtstraum

Suite (in the olden style) (5th movement)

From Requiem

In memoriam

Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief

Sergei Rachmaninov

Symphonic Dances, op. 45. II Andante con moto

Arvo Pärt

Wenn Back Beinen Gezüchtet hätte

Spiegel im Spiegel

Michael Daugherty

Red Cape Tango (5th movement of Metropolis symphony)