Audio Description and Touch Tours

Our Audio Descriptions are co-written and delivered by former Northern Ballet Premier Dancer Pippa Moore and VocalEyes, offering a unique insight into our productions and bringing our performances to life for visually impaired patrons. You will hear descriptions of the movement, action and drama on stage with music played live by Northern Ballet Sinfonia.

'I didn’t know what to expect but the music and description gelled really well together. I was enthralled with it — it was as if everything else around you didn’t exist.'
Visually Impaired Patron

Audio Description ticket holders are encouraged to take part in our free Touch Tour Insight Workshops, which take place before our Audio Described performances. These workshops introduce elements of the production to aid your understanding of the show. You will hear descriptions of the scenery, feel the props and costumes and discover the shapes and quality of the movement from the ballet with the aid of Pippa and Company dancers.

'I used to go and see dance companies regularly before losing a lot of my eyesight. I did not think I would be able to go to any dance performances ever again… A friend encouraged me to go to an audio-visual performance and touch tour and your ballet was my first experience of this… it made such a positive difference and I will be returning to see further dance performances. Thank you Northern Ballet for such a good touch tour.'
Visually Impaired Patron

Our listings below let you know where and when Audio Described performances will be taking place and includes the information in audio format.

Please note that the timings for the Touch Tour Insight Workshops vary by venue. In addition to the Touch Tour Insight Workshop you can hear pre-show notes which describe the set, props and costumes via your headset or audio description device, beginning 15 minutes prior to the performance.