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I Got Rhythm casting - Leeds Grand Theatre

Casting for I Got Rhythm at Leeds Grand Theatre from 23 - 26 May 2012.

All casts are subject to change without notice.

Fri 25 Sat 26 (matinèe) Sat 26 (eve)

Act 1

American in Paris

Dreda Blow Hannah Bateman Dreda Blow 
Georgina May Martha Leebolt Georgina Roberts 
Guiliano Contadini Kenneth Tindall  Guiliano Contadini 
Ashley Dixon Tobias Batley  Ashley Dixon
Teresa Saavedra Bordes Lori Gilchrist Teresa Saavedra Bordes
Matthew Broadbent Sebastian Loe  Matthew Broadbent
Christie Duncan  Antoinette Brookes-Daw Christie Duncan 
Jeremy Curnier Kevin Poeung Jeremy Curnier
Rachel Gillespie Ayana Kanda  Rachel Gillespie
Benjamin Mitchell  Benjamin Mitchell Benjamin Mitchell
Abigail Prudames  Rachel Gillespie Abigail Prudames 
Dominic Harrison  Nicola Gervasi  Nicola Gervasi
Isabella Gasparini Abigail Prudames Isabella Gasparini
Joshua Barwick  Graham Kotowich  Josh Barwick

Man I Love

Keiko Amemori Dreda Blow  Keiko Amemori
Javier Torres Giuliano Contadini Javier Torres

Three Preludes

Georgina May Keiko Amemori Martha Leebolt 
John Hull  Kenneth Tindall Tobias Batley 

I Got Rhythm

Kevin Poeung Giuliano Contadini Sebastian Loe
Ben Mitchell Nicola Gervasi Hironao Takahashi

Embracable You

Martha Leebolt Martha Leebolt Martha Leebolt
Javier Torres Javier Torres Javier Torres

Cuban Overture

Dreda Blow Dreda Blow Hannah Bateman
Kenneth Tindall  Kenneth Tindall Tobias Batley
Georgina May Georgina May Georgina May
Christie Duncan Christie Duncan Christie Duncan
Rachel Gillespie Rachel Gillespie Rachel Gillespie
Benjamin Mitchell Benjamin Mitchell Benjamin Mitchell
Martin Bell Martin Bell Martin Bell
Ashley Dixon Sebastian Loe Ashely Dixon 
Hannah Bateman Hannah Bateman Hannah Bateman
Abigail Prudames Abigail Prudames Dreda Blow
Lori Gilchrist Lori Gilchrist Lori Gilchrist

Act 2

Rhapsody in Blue

Martha Leebolt Keiko Amemori Martha Leebolt
Tobias Batley Kenneth Tindall Tobias Batley
Lori Gilchrist Georgina May Lori Gilchrist
Martin Bell John Hull Martin Bell
Antoinette Brooks-Daw Isabella Gasparini Antoinette Brooks-Daw
Nicola Gervasi Hironao Takahashi Nicola Gervasi
Dreda Blow Dreda Blow Dreda Blow
Sebastian Loe Sebastian Loe Sebastian Loe
Ayana Kanda Hannah Bateman Ayana Kanda
Giuliano Contadini Javier Torres Giuliano Contadini


Rachel Gillespie Michela Paolacci Michela Paolacci
Teresa Saavedra Bordes Ayana Kanda Teresa Saavedra Bordes
Christie Duncan Antoinette Brooks-Daw Christie Duncan
Jessica Morgan Victora Sibson  Jessica Morgan
Abigail Prudames Lori Gilchrist Abigail Prudames
Isabella Gasparini Teresa Saavedra Bordes Isabella Gasparini

My Man's Gone Now

Georgina May Jessica Morgan Georgina May 

I Got Plenty O 'Nuttin

Hironao Takahashi Kevin Poeung Sebastian Loe

Bess, You is My Woman Now

Keiko Amemori Keiko Amemori Ayana Kanda
John Hull John Hull Hironao Takahashi

Girl Crazy

Ben Mitchell Ashley Dixon Ashley Dixon
Christie Duncan Christie Duncan Christie Duncan
Dominic Harrison Sebastian Loe Sebastian Loe
Abigail Prudames Ayana Kanda Abigail Prudames
Martin Bell Graham Kotowich  John Hull
Isabella Gasparini Georgina May Georgina May
Jeremy Curnier Giuliano Contadini Jeremy Curnier
Teresa Saavedra Bordes Rachel Gillespie Teresa Saavedra Bordes
Matthew Broadbent Josh Barwick Matthew Broadbent
Lori Gilchrist Abigail Prudames Lori Gilchrist
Kevin Poeung Kevin Poeung Hironao Takahashi
Antoinette Brooks-Daw Antoinette Brooks-Daw Isabella Gasparini
Graham Kotowich Tobias Batley Graham Kotowich
Hannah Bateman Dreda Blow  Hannah Bateman

All casts are subject to change without notice.


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