Interview with Cellist Sasha Volpov

Published on Tuesday 15 October, 2013

In preparation for the Cello & Piano concert on 18 October with Northern Ballet's Principal Cellist Sasha Volpov and Company Pianist Grant Green, we interviewed Sasha Volpov to see how he was feeling about performing.

How long have you been playing Cello?

Since I was 6 or 7, which is a very long time!

Who is your inspiration?

It is very difficult to point to just one as there is so many fantastic musicians but probably most of all it is my teacher, Yakov Slobodkin, who is not very well known but he is an absolutely fantastic musician. He was an amazing teacher and a personal friend. Just to give you an idea, Sibelius wrote two pieces for him and he wouldn’t write just for anybody. Yakov has also played with people like Sviatoslav Richter, Neuhaus and so many famous musicians.

How long have you been with Northern Ballet Sinfonia?

Since 1996.

What can the audience expect from the Cello & Piano concert?

We basically put together the gems of cello repertoire; every piece is top class and is a wonderful selection. I hope the audience enjoy it.

Do you have a favourite composer?

Probably my favourite composers have to be Brahms and Shostakovich.

Which is your favourite piece to play?

Well I am playing Shostakovich in the concert, but as I say every piece in this concert is one of my favourites and I love to every piece of this programme. 


Sasha & Grant are performing the Cello & Piano recital on Friday 18 October at Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre at our home in Leeds - book here.

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