Ebony Goodridge

Dance Education Apprentice

I recently graduated with BA (Hons) Dance from Leeds Beckett University. This course was contemporary based, however between the ages of 6-18, I attended my local dance school, gaining qualifications in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz. In addition, I am also a keen musician, gaining qualifications in Piano and Flute, and these musical abilities have provided me with extra skills that I have been able to utilise throughout my degree at University. At the end of my first year at University, I started working at Northern Ballet in their Academy department, as a member of the pastoral team. This role required me to take the children to and from classes, sit in their classes and make sure everything is okay and if there were any injuries, I would sort them out as best I could. When the children were on breaks and lunch, I would also supervise this and resolve any issues that may happen. 

In August 2016, I became Dance Education Apprentice in the Learning department at Northern Ballet. My responsibility is to support the Dance Education Officers with the START workshops and Hospice project. Furthermore, I will support the Ability course, and short ballet outreach programme. Through this I will develop skills which will enable me to deliver workshops on my own in future.