Summer course 2017

Published on Wednesday 6 September, 2017

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This August, 33 young people joined us for four days of fun on our Summer Course. This annual course is an opportunity for young people aged 7-11 to develop their ballet technique and creativity. Our dance artists work alongside a collaborative artist to introduce participants to something different and to develop new skills.

This year the children learnt all about the dance, sights and sounds of carnival, inspired by the Leeds West Indian Carnival as the carnival celebrates its 50th year. We collaborated with steel pan artist Victoria Jaquiss who filled the studio with an authentic carnival atmosphere where everyone learnt lots about where steel pans come from, how to play them and how to respond to the sound of them through different movement tasks.

The course culminated in a vibrant sharing for family and friends showcasing the work the children had created combining carnival dance, ballet and a steel pan version of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Feeling enthused and inspired, we even had audience members who couldn’t resist joining in the last dance!