Our cross-curricular projects enable pupils to physically explore concepts or ideas they might otherwise find difficult to grasp in a classroom setting through fun and creative workshops.

Dancing by numbersDancing by numbers

Dancing by numbers explores numbers, fractions and shapes through dance activities developing knowledge, understanding and skill in dance and mathematics.

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Dance & SportDance & Sport

Our sport and dance workshops offer a creative way to explore sports, to encourage healthy living and to meet key objectives on the PE/Dance Curriculum.

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Shaping SpaceShaping space

Shaping Space brings together strands from the National Curriculum dance and science units and is aimed specifically at Year 5 and 6 students.

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Moving wordsMoving words

Moving Words brings together strands from National Curriculum dance, music and literacy and is aimed specifically at year 5 and 6 students.

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Pupils develop an understanding of National Curriculum units through movement and use of their bodies, bringing the subjects to life and enabling them to learn in a visual and interactive environment.

Learning through movement, pupils develop transferable skills such as problem solving, communication, and team work as well as developing their dance skills.

'The children developed many aspects of creative dance and are all confident and well-motivated to develop dance ideas in the future.'

Shaping Space, class teacher

For more information about cross-curricular projects, please contact the Learning team on 0113 220 8000 or email