Dance & sport

Following the inspiring 2012 Olympics, sport has become an exciting focus for many young people.

Dance & sport. Photos Tim Smith.

Our sport and dance workshops offer a creative way to explore sports, to encourage healthy living and to meet key objectives on the PE/Dance Curriculum.

Particularly for those pupils who do not enjoy competitive sports, dance can engage and enable them to try other forms of physical activity in a non-competitive environment, contributing to good health and well-being.

Through a series of workshops pupils explore the similarities between sport and dance, looking at physical awareness, control of the body and understanding how it moves, team work and the commitment and motivation needed to improve. Sharing and feedback sessions enable evaluation of their work and development of their skills.

Links with the curriculum were achieved across the curriculum through Numeracy (counting in 8s), Science (healthy living), P.E. (dance skills), SEAL and PSHCE (Communication, teamwork, Concentration, Listening, Getting on with Others and Making Friends).

Class teacher, Hull, Dance and rugby project