Dancing by numbers

Dancing by Numbers explores numbers, fractions and shapes through dance activities developing knowledge, understanding and skill in dance and mathematics.

Photo Tim Smith

Working physically with ideas and concepts appeals to different learning styles enabling those who struggle academically to engage with mathematics in a different way.  Other outcomes include developing communication and team skills, and improving concentration and self-esteem.

My favourite part was learning maths like that because it was fun but we were learning at the same time.

Dancing by Numbers participant

Comprising of three 2-hour workshops led by a dance artist and musician over three consecutive weeks, the sessions will use the Number and Shape, space and measures units from Key Stage 2 National Curriculum as a stimulus.  Each session includes a warm up and creative tasks exploring numbers and shapes.  The aim of each session is to develop dance skills through the study of this part of the curriculum.

A resource pack for teachers accompanies the project consisting of lesson plans, worksheets, suggestions for working with music and information on how this relates to the National Curriculum.

I have been teaching for 13 years and what you do inspires me, inspires the children... our thanks can never be enough. Wonderful.

Year 6 teacher