Keep stage lighting exempt from proposed legislation changes

There is currently an enormous threat being made to the way theatrical productions are presented.

The EU is proposing, in its Eco-design Working Plan 2016-2019, to change the rules that govern the light sources used in theatrical productions. In effect, they want to bring the vast majority of quality theatre lights - including the specialist tungsten light bulbs that you will see in most stage productions - under the same rules that govern domestic and office lighting.

From September 2020 they propose to allow only light sources that meet a notional efficiency target, with no allowance made for the visual quality of those light sources, or how those light sources are actually used.

The impact on theatrical production across Europe would be huge.

Steve Wilkins, Technical Director at Northern Ballet said:

"The legislation really threatens everyone in the industry, large opera houses and theatres, arts centres and school halls. No one is unaffected. None of the current repertoire of the Northern Ballet could be recreated in any way close to how they exist now.

"As a Company we work hard to be environmentally sustainable, and always look to become more energy efficient, but nothing good will come from this blanket ban the new legislation proposes.

"This is about more than just lighting, this is about the whole experience of going to a performance. There are many elements that make up one of our ballets; dance, music, costume, scenery, but without the lighting there is no focus or magic."

The deadline to respond to the EU commission has been extended to 7 May. As a Company we urge everyone to sign the petition to prevent the change in laws to theatre lighting which will threaten the entire industry.

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