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Leeds Casts

Casts for performances of our Mixed Programme at Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre, Leeds from Wednesday 18 - Saturday 21 June 2014.

All casts are subject to change.

Lar Lubovitch's Concerto Six Twenty-Two

Wednesday 18 June 2014


Rachael Gillespie, Antoinette Brooks-Daw,
Dreda Blow, Hannah Bateman,
Matthew Topliss, Thomas Aragones,
Nicola Gervasi, Ashley Dixon


Giuliano Contadini, Matthew Koon

Rondo (allegro)


Jessica Morgan, Matthew Broadbent, Joseph Taylor

Friday 20 June
Abigail Prudames, Matthew Broadbent, Mlindi Kulashe


Antoinette Brooks-Daw, Dreda Blow, Matthew Topliss

Thursday 19 June 2014


Pippa Moore, Michela Paolacci,
Abigail Prudames, Lucia Solari,
Matthew Topliss, Thomas Aragones,
Sean Bates, Isaac Lee-Baker


Ashley Dixon, Kevin Poeung

Rondo (allegro)


Jessica Morgan, Matthew Broadbent, Joseph Taylor


Pippa Moore, Lucia Solari, Matthew Topliss

Hans van Manen's Concertante

Wed 18, Fri 20 & Sat 21

Martha Leebolt, Giuliano Contadini
Hannah Bateman, Tobias Batley
Jessica Morgan, Nicola Gervasi
Abigail Prudames, Isaac Lee-Baker

Thu 19

Michela Paolacci, Javier Torres
Dreda Blow, Nicola Gervasi
Antoinette Brooks-Daw, Kevin Poeung
Abigail Prudames, Isaac Lee-Baker

Kenneth Tindall's The Architect

Kevin Poeung
Martha Leebolt, Tobias Batley
Hannah Bateman, Nicola Garvasi
Dreda Blow, Giuliano Contadini
Jessica Morgan, Joseph Taylor


This production is not currently touring, visit our
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