Vital final preparations

Published on Tuesday 29 March, 2011

Joanne Rozario - image courtest of joannerozario.comWe managed to squeeze a rehearsal in on Saturday at midday before the matinee. It made for quite a long day but it's all coming together so well now that it was definitely worth it! We are getting to the point where we are saying less and playing more. Small suggestions seem to be instantly germinating and creating the finishing touches that we are working on now.

I was severely reprimanded in the rehearsal by my colleagues as I got the string description wrong in my last entry. Apparently, Raimonda has put on strings which have a gut core with a metal coating not vice versa as I said! It all seems pretty similar to me but, evidently, having gut on the outside would make Raimonda inaudible which would never do! Did you know that sheep's gut is used for strings?? No...neither did I! And isn't it charming!

Hannah and Raimonda have both brought in their dresses to compare. Mine is being brought up today from London by my boyfriend so fingers crossed he's picked up the right one!