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Arts Council England responds to Northern Ballet's press release

Published on Wednesday 30 March, 2011

Arts Council England have issued the following statement in response to our press release (read our statement about the cuts)

Northern Ballet’s new National Portfolio funding equates to a 6.5% cut in cash terms and 14.9% in real terms from what they received in regular funding in 2010/11 and its National Portfolio funding level for 2014/15.

We recognise that Northern Ballet, along with other large scale ballet companies, is being asked to shoulder a significant reduction and that this will put a strain on their business model. However, we are working in a context of limited budgets and we believe the level of funding offered will still enable Northern Ballet to play a leading role in the dance sector and continue to produce high quality work for audiences. Northern Ballet makes a valuable contribution to developing and touring ballet and in its education and training work. 

Northern Ballet has received project grants from us, for example in 2010 they received £735,000, as part of our Sustain programme, a one-off programme to support artistic excellence and innovation in the arts through the recession. These and other project funds are not part of Northern Ballet’s core grant. 

There may be other ways to support Northern Ballet’s touring work in the future and we will be working with the company to explore this.

The views expressed in blogs are those of the author and not necessarily of Northern Ballet.