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Clarinets, Cleopatra and Claude-Michel

Published on Thursday 31 March, 2011

Joanne Rozario, Northern Ballet Sinfonia Principal ClarinetThe Sinfonia has been busy this week making a recording of the new ballet music by Claude Michel Schönberg (of Les Misérable fame) in a lovely church in Brighouse. Making a CD is a completely different discipline from performing a live show with very different stresses and strains. We began recording on Monday afternoon and finished on Wednesday afternoon doing six hours each day. It has all gone well and everyone has left happy with the result. Schönberg and his engineers have got a week of editing and tweaking to do. I'm sure they do lots of other terribly technical things too but I'm not entirely sure what they are.

All we need to know is that a CD of Cleopatra will be available very soon!!

John Pryce-Jones invited all of the orchestra over to his house for a party on Tuesday night. It was a lovely evening with delicious food... and perhaps a drop or two of wine as well! The quintet had already arranged to rehearse that evening so we turned up a bit late but luckily they had saved some for us!

We have our final rehearsal today at Quarry Hill and then a short sound check in the venue itself. Playing in situ is always crucial as the acoustic plays such a vital part in the performance and can really effect choices we make on tempo and even the length of the notes. In the meantime, I have got to do a little bit of research so that I'm not talking complete rubbish when I introduce the pieces tomorrow night!

Can't believe that the concert is tonight... It's come around so quickly!

Principal Clainet

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