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Looking for Lowry

Published on Tuesday 19 April, 2011

Looking for Lowry - A film by Margy Kinmouth featuring Sir Ian McKellan

Looking for Lowry is a new documentary by film maker Margy Kinmouth about the works of the Salford artist famous for his Matchstick Men and inspiration for Northern Ballet's A Simple Man.

The film features Sir Ian McKellen, Noel Gallagher and a host friends and admirers of Lowry's work as they discover more about his life, his upbringing and living under the thumb of a mother who didn't like him to paint.

The film also features Northern Ballet rehearsing their signature work A Simple Man with choreographer Gillian Lynne.

Looking for Lowry is sure to be an insightful and emotional vision.

It is transmitted on ITV1 in the UK on Easter Sunday at 10.15pm.

You can find out more about the film on Foxtrot Films website.

The ITV has a short 'Making of' video on their web site.

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