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Kippax Ash Tree Primary

Published on Thursday 21 April, 2011

Last Thursday saw a spectacular end to a 5 week project with Kippax Ash Tree Primary.  Funded by Creative Partnerships through Cape UK, the aim of the project was to look at how dance could be used to build trust and co-operation between the children in two year 4 classes.

Over the 5 weeks the children created dances, wrote journals and letters, made sculptures and artwork, explored photography amongst other things all based on the work of artist Alberto Giacometti. We also spent an amazing day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park taking photos, sketching and dancing amongst the sculptures!  (Much to the interest of other school parties who were wandering around filling in worksheets…)

The children, staff and I have all got a great deal out of the project – learning new ways of working together and seeing how working in a creative cross-curricular way can truly enhance and make a significant difference to the way children learn, as well as having fun!  All the children achieved and made significant progress not only in their dance skills and ability to work together but also in literacy as they were inspired and motivated to write through the activities.

I think we are all really sad the project has come to an end – I shall miss my Tuesdays at Kippax!

Northern Ballet, Dance Education Officer

Photos - Dawn Robinson and children of Kippax

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