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Summer of Love

Published on Friday 5 August, 2011

So... The holidays are over and we’ve just started a new season, but before I get into our first week back here’s what happened in the hols!

Victoria Sibson & her dadThis years holiday however was ace and with an extra week added - who could ask for anything more?! For Darren and I this year's hols were mainly about sorting stuff out; we decorated our house a little and with Darren having his knee operation at the end of last season his rehab program was in full swing from the very start of the hols! We stayed in Leeds for the majority of the time apart from a week when we took my Dad to my godparents for a week who live in Bournemouth.

I love Bournemouth and have been going there for as long as I can remember - whether for the main holiday when my sister and I were little or as a stop over on the way to Poole before going to France when we were a little older. The beach is the main attraction for me and no matter what time of year it is my Mum and I have always held a tradition with my godmother Jeanette about having a paddle - I’ve even been into the sea in late February!!! Bournemouth held many different things for us - beach visits (of course), trips to interesting charity shops in Winton, delicious restaurants and bars and a trip across to Durlston on the chain ferry to walk one of the many coastal paths. We rented what they call a “tramper“ (a 4x4 style scooter, see photo) for my Dad as his MS makes it hard for him to walk for long periods of time - we wish we’d not let him loose however on one as we were finding it hard to keep up with him- his passion as a vintage motorcycle sidecar driver lead him to go into racer mode!!!

Victoria, Martin Bell & Christie DuncanAt the end of the week Darren and I headed over to Brockenhurst to attend Christie and Martin’s wedding. It was a beautiful day with smiles galore. It stayed dry and the breeze didn’t last too long; just long enough however to see Martin’s best man Matthew running around after Christie’s veil took flight! Highly amusing to any spectator!!!

Making our way to Rhinefield House from the church was like something out of a movie; such an extravagant place. During the speeches Martin’s father stood and spoke a traditional Geordie ditty, to be honest I didn’t understand a word of it and if Martin had any kind of Geordie accent like that I doubt whether anyone one of us at work would ever understand him - not sure if Christie would either! The evening was brilliant and there was no choreographed first dance; which I think so many people are surprised at for professional dancers! White chocolate fountain, Frank Sinatra impersonator, the whole day was perfect!

So... one hugely happy day over and for me three consecutively crazy ones to follow! My sister’s hen party! It was a crazy weekend in Manchester with her friends and what happens on a hen party stays on a hen party!

What’s next..? well back to Leeds, back to the gym, taking in the time before work starts again - oh yes and finding out that two couples in the company are engaged!!! What a summer of love!!!

The first week at work finally arrived. Seeing people for the first time after the break is fab and funny! I always find it amusing to see how tanned people are - and how much paler they make me look, a little annoying sometimes but hey that’s the beauty of being a red-head! Anyway straight back into Hamlet rehearsals, remembering choreography taught last season and learning more choreo on top of that. You could say that at the moment the mental sweats have overtaken the physical ones!!! We had classes with Yoko all week which are great to get back into the rhythm of work again - her technique stretches, supports, and strengthens the body so after the hols it’s the perfect start to the season. Helping us again with Hamlet is Patricia Doyle; her knowledge and research of all things related to the play and our scenario helps all of the new company members to get aquainted with the era and tone of the piece (its also a great opportunity for us older members to recap too!). Pat has also been given the chance to do some script work with some of the company and it sounds to be going great! It’s a great way, one of getting to know the others in the company, two to break the ice and three just to have a fun time working with theatre!!! As well as our regular studio work this week a few of us had costume fittings for our new christmas production of Beauty & the Beast. The costumes are chic, stunning and catwalk worthy! The Grand Theatre where we premier the show will be filled with an abundance of great designs, new choreography and amazing dancers!!!

So - holidays are over now and its time to have fun and enjoy working to achieve some truly amazing productions.

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