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Hamlet - what the audience says

Published on Monday 12 September, 2011

Hamlet opened on Friday 9 September at West Yorkshire Playhouse and here are a few of the mentions & comments we've received so far from Twitter & Facebook...

Update 22 September

@northernballet I saw your production of Hamlet last week, you have changed my perception of ballet forever. AMAZING!

Charlotte Payne, @CharliPayne

Really enjoyed the first ever Ballet performance I have been to at the @SheffieldLyceum theatre. Hamlet was excellent

Alex Wood, @Alexander__Wood

@northernballet Fantastic performance in Sheffield this evening - what an excellent start to Hamlet week! Thanks to all the wonderful cast.

Julie A, @Julega

We were lucky enough to bump into David Nixon after tonight's performance of Hamlet in Sheffield so were able to tell him how absolutely brilliant we thought it was. Pippa Moore made me cry as Ophelia and the choreography of her descent into madness was gripping.

Doreen Wood via Facebook

Just seen Hamlet and we were completely transfixed! The choreography was amazing and so evocative of both emotion and the era. Vicky's dancing was outstanding and Georgina we were living every moment with them and exhausted in the process. Sets too were so accomplished and the lighting!!! Am I sounding a bit effusive. Well done Northern Ballet you go from strength to strength and just love being a Friend. Congrats to all.XX

Sue Thorne via Facebook

Just seen both performances of Hamlet today and WOW! it blew me away...I've never seen a ballet before but this was so well choreographed and danced. I loved the fight scene in the 2nd half...and the scene where Ophelia went mad at the party...amazing! I can not wait too see more! Congrats to all in the casts today! So ultra talented!!

Rick Poppa via Facebook

Update 14 September

Northern ballet hamlet- amazing! Go see it if you get the chance

Melanie Macrae, @mmacrae81

Just got home from tonight's performance of Hamlet at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Wow! Outstanding storytelling and characterisation - we were gripped. The dancing was superb of course! Everyone was fantastic but I think we were particularly blown away by Victoria Sibson's portrayal of Gertude, Georgina May's compelling ballroom solo and of course Tobias Batley as Hamlet. I didn't have any expectation about this show as it's not the most obvious ballet (not a tu-tu or tiara in sight) but everything came together (set, lighting, music, costume) to create a wonderful night of theatre. My mum and I both agreed it was actually better than seeing the story as a play because telling the story through dance got to the roots of the human emotions. Congratulations and thanks :-) x

Josephine Anne Smith via Facebook

From the opening night

Photo Brian Slater. Martin Bell as Polonius, Tobias Batley as Hamlet and Darren Goldsmith as Claudius.

Have just returned from @northernballet's production of Hamlet.... it's transfixing, it's intense, it's dark, it MUST be seen, go go go go

Café 164, @cafe164 via Twitter

Enjoyed @NorthernBallet's #Hamlet tonight at @WYPlayhouse. Moody, murderous, masculine - it was dancing on the dark side. Beautiful!

Wendy Denman, @Wandapops

Really enjoyed @northernballet @WYPlayhouse tonight, fantastic all round but particularly the orchestra! (Day 252

Kaite Chester, @Katie_Chester

Photo Brian Slater. Victoria Sibson as Gertrude, Tobias Batley as Hamlet and Darren Goldsmith as Claudius.

One does love a good ballet! #hamlet @WYPlayhouse - dark and brooding yet fabulous. Well done @northernballet once again.

Lucy Burnett, @LucyBurnett

CONGRATULATIONS @tobybat for your utterly magnificent performance in the eponymous role in @northernballet 's Hamlet. Whole company brill!

Janet McNulty, @JanMcN - Janet also wrote this on

Loved @northernballet's #hamlet last night. May need to bust some ballet moves at several points during today. It's just how it is.

Clancy Walker, @ClancyWalker

Thoroughly impressed by @northernballet 's interpretation of Hamlet last night

Thomas Atcheson, @Barc_alpha - who wrote this piece for The Culture Vulture blog.

@northernballet Really enjoyed this afternoon's Hamlet - powerful and poignant. Looking forward to Sheffield. Many thanks to all involved.

Julie A, @Julega

Photo Brian Slater. Victoria Sibson as Gertrude and Darren Goldsmith as Claudius.

If you have the chance to see @northernballet's production of Hamlet, DO IT! it's dark, intense, brilliantly lit and basically unmissable

Sara Teresa, @sarateresaphoto

For anyone who fancies a FANTASTIC bit of theatre I whole-heartedly recommend you go and see @northernballet 's Hamlet #Leeds

Kat Woods, @KATWOODS

I saw Hamlet last night!!! WOW!!!! I travelled nearly 300 miles to see it and it was well worth the trip!! I can fully recommend this ballet. The dancing was amazing--how do those wonderful dancers keep going for so long? They look so great--lovely lines. The costumes were 'to die for'--lovely fabrics and colours. The stage craft was brilliant. Dreda was the best! Her dance as a mad Ophelia really touched me. All in all I had the most amazing evening and want to go to see it all again! Well done and thank you! Hugs, Clodagh

Clodagh Woods via Facebook

Photo Brian Slater. Tobias Batley as Hamlet with Georgina May as Ophelia.

Excellent performance of Hamlet this afternoon. Powerful and poignant. 
Many thanks and congratulations to the dancers and orchestra and everyone involved. Roll on Sheffield! :D

Julie Atly via Facebook

Hamlet is truly gripping: bleak & brutal; terrifying & thrilling; emotive & heartbreaking. Congrats on another tremendous production: just not sure how well I'm going to sleep tonight. Thank you for making the 6-hour trip to WYP worth every minute!

Ian Halverson via Facebook

Hamlet: what an absolutely terrifying production; with a menacing, lyrical score redolent of film Noir thrillers, thrilling choreography, and performances to make one gasp & weep, especially Martha Leebolt & Dreda Blow, this production is truly worthy to be included in Norther Ballet's repertoire. Thank you for a tremendous night.

The Libertine Theatre Company via Facebook

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