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Half-term already!

Published on Monday 13 February, 2012

I cannot believe that half a term has passed already – the time has flown by. I have worked with over 500 young people across15 schools over the last 3 weeks for the START project. It has been such good fun working with so many young people, helping them to discover the magic of dance. I will be returning to most of the schools after half term to deliver dance workshops based on Northern Ballet’s Madame Butterfly which all of the participants will see at Leeds Grand Theatre in March. The reaction to the project so far has been really positive and the participants are very excited about seeing the company perform a full length production. To compliment the START project and encourage creativity in the curriculum we have been working with the learning and access teams from Leeds Grand Theatre and City Variety’s to create a unique Teacher INSET workshop. Staff from the schools involved in the project will have the opportunity to share good practice and be given lots of ideas for cross curricular work inspired by Madame Butterfly.

When I haven’t been delivering workshops I’ve been back at HQ planning and delivering a range of other workshops and projects including HE ad corporate events. I’m really excited about the next few weeks and months at Northern Ballet, there is always so much going on. I thoroughly enjoyed Perpetual Motion here at The Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre. There was a real diverse mix of choreography from well established choreographers, David Nixon, Christopher Hampson and Daniel de Andrade who were joined by our very own dancer Kennth Tindall’s choreographic debut, Project #1 which was a real treat. Keep an eye out for more of his choreography, he’s definitely one to watch!

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