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Perpetual Motion - An Musician's Afterword

Published on Monday 20 February, 2012

I'm currently travelling back from Leeds to London after a week of very successful and enjoyable performances of Perpetual Motion. This has been a new endeavour for Northern Ballet as, for the first time, the mixed bill was interspersed with musical interludes... as performed by me!

Joanne Rozario - image courtest of

It's been great to be on the stage rather than underneath it and I've also been able to watch the performances every night as I sit in the auditorium whilst I'm waiting to play. I've loved watching the dancers at work every night and have been particularly struck by Kenny's piece. The music he chose to choreograph is beautiful and the entire work is very strong and emotionally engaging. I can't believe it's the first piece he's done. It seems incredibly polished and captivating.

Besides my Piazzolla tangos, I also performed the opening of Rhapsody in Blue in a brilliant arrangement for two pianos. Grant Green and Chris Hobson were fantastic every night. It's quite a feat to perform a concerto every evening for a week and a half! My main concern was not falling over as I walked off the stage after my opening solo. I'm pleased to say that I managed it every evening without mishap!

We're almost in London now so I suppose I'd better put away my computer and load my clarinet and sax on my back. This is the less attractive aspect of train travel for me but I find long distance driving so unpleasant that it seems a small price to pay.

Principal Clainet

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