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Age restriction for 'in motion' scrapped!

Published on Wednesday 25 April, 2012

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Just thought I’d keep you up to date with ‘in motion’ as it’s been a very exciting week!

On Sunday we had our taster session here at Northern Ballet; there was a great mixture of people who all had a really good time dancing both in and out of their chairs. The workshop contained a mixture of practitioner led and group led dance tasks with each of the participants creating their own short solo which they performed to one another – they were all really different and I’m really excited about developing the material we produce in the workshops starting next month.

We have also decided to remove the age limit on the project – we feel that some people would miss out on what is a really great, creative activity so we are throwing the age restriction out and welcoming all wheelchair users in!  If you are a wheelchair user who wants to be involved in the creative and physical aspects of creative a dance performance then please get in touch for an informal chat and an application form. There’s just over 2 weeks until the project begins so get your applications in as soon as you can as places are limited.

I’m also really looking forward to judging the Key Stage 4 Leeds Dance Festival on Thursday at Horsforth High School. I’ll be pulling my trousers up just a little bit higher then usual, al la ‘Simon Cowell’ and giving my feedback to the participants. I’m really looking forward to it and I’ll let you know who won next week!

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