Over 55s End of Term

Published on Thursday 12 July, 2012

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Although it may not seem like it with this weather, the summer is here and so our regular classes are drawing to a close for the summer holidays.

To mark the end of term and to celebrate a couple of significant birthdays (I obviously can’t give their ages away, but you wouldn’t believe me anyway as their youthful looks belie their years), our Dancing for the Over 55s class held a picnic lunch after their class this week.

When they said they were going to bring in a cake and a few bits and pieces I didn’t think much of it, but as the ladies started to arrive for class, the pile of cool bags and Tupperware boxes started to pile up! As you can see from the photos, there was a magnificent spread, complete with floral decorations and lots of homemade treats - the meringues were the best I have ever tasted (so much for my post-holiday health kick, they were so good I had to have two!)

Over the last 16 months or so since the class started, the group has grown and developed and become not only a dance class, but a time to meet friends, connect with like-minded people and socialise outside of their normal circles. All the ladies who take part in the class are involved in so many different groups and activities I’m always amazed how they have time to do it all, and so it was lovely to join them for their picnic and chat with some of them.

Some of the group have also been taking part in creative sessions after their weekly class, giving them an opportunity to use the technique they have learnt and their own experiences and imagination to create a piece of dance. They performed this at the Academy end of year show last Saturday – the first performance by the group – which, alongside children from the Academy open classes, Associate programme and CAT scheme will show how everyone can enjoy dancing whatever time of life they start. Lost ballet shoes and torrential rain aside, they put on a wonderful performance!

Next year the Academy team will be managing the class as I will be busy managing activity around The Ugly Duckling so I will miss their friendly chat each week as they make their way to the studio. But as is the nature of the group, I’m sure they won’t forget to invite me next time they have some cake to share!!

The Dancing for the Over 55s class will be on Tuesdays from 10.30 to 11.30am. View the full open classes timetable and register.

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