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Published on Wednesday 1 August, 2012

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For the past year I have looked forward to Thursday mornings. On a day to day basis Northern Ballet is a pretty special place to be and I do enjoy coming into work each day but Thursday mornings are extra special - it’s Mini’s Morning - and as I come through the doors I'm greeted by our youngest generation of Academy students.

Our Mini Movers class is for tots from walking to 3 years and our Moving Minis class is for children aged 3-4.

The classes have been designed to introduce children to dance in a fun and exciting environment. Most of the children in the mini movers classes have only really just learnt how to walk so there are no pirouettes or pointe work but we introduce the children to rhythm and music and basic dance principles such as spinning, jumping and stretching. The Mini Movers class is a parents and tots class so it’s great to see mums, dads, grandmas, aunties all getting involved and joining in the class.

Straight after this class is our Moving Minis class - this is for children aged 3-4 and this time the children dance without their parents/ carers. It’s amazing to see how much the children change in this class and great to see them dancing on their own and picking up the exercises.

This year yet another Academy graduate has gained a contract with the Company (Matthew Topliss) and it’s so exciting to see our students growing into professional dancers. Before we moved into the new building the youngest students we took were 10 years old. I cannot wait for the day when one of our Mini Movers joins the Company. I know it might be a bit of a wait but wow what a story that will be! Plus we will have lots of photos to embarrass them for life with!

If you know of a little tot who is itching to dance then please get in touch. We have now introduced more classes on a Tuesdays and the details are as follows:

Mini Movers From walking - 3 years 10.00 - 10.30
Moving Minis Ages 3 - 4 15.30 - 16.00
Mini Movers From walking - 3 years 10.00 - 10.45
Moving Minis Ages 3 - 4 10.45 - 11.15

All classes are taught by Northern Ballet Academy tutor Annemarie Donoghue.

Places are booking up fast so please visit our classes page and download a registration form.

Classes will start on 19th September and cost £65 per term (10 classes per term).

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