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Ballet inspired Olympic success

Published on Friday 10 August, 2012

We would like to congratulate our fellow Yorkshire men and women on their fantastic success so far at the Olympics! Yorkshire really is the place to be for sport and culture!

We were thrilled to see Team GB Hammer Thrower Sophie Hitchon, who’s reached the Olympic final, trained as a ballet dancer and credits dancing as her secret weapon!

In her honour we asked our very own dancers if they could turn their hand to any Olympic sport what would it be?!

  • Ashley Dixon – High Jump because it looks like loads of fun!
  • Kenny Tindall – Ring Gymnastics because you don’t have to use your legs!
  • Hannah – Heptathlon, it’s a bit of everything
  • Giuliano Contadini – Diving so I could meet Tom Daley!
  • Jess Morgan – Swimming because I love the water
  • Michela Paolacci – Beach Volleyball so I can get a tan at the same time!
  • John Hull – I used to take part in races when I was younger.

Let us know what your Olympic sport would be and why (@northernballet on Twitter, on Facebook or leaving a comment below)

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