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My Stitch Up

Published on Thursday 6 September, 2012

Good morning duck fans. With all the cuddles I’ve been getting over the last few weeks at the Breeze events I’ve had the stuffing knocked out of me, quite literally, and I’ve now got a little cut on my neck!

Getting my treatment

It’s not too major so nothing to worry about but it’s just a bit of a pain in the neck as I had planned to spend the day at the duck pond practising my swimming. But instead I’ve had to have a little operation to put some stitches in the cut and fix me up ready for my outing to Middleton Park this weekend.

Close-up of my stitches, I was very brave!

The lovely ladies in the Northern Ballet Wardrobe Department took care of me and did some beautiful stitches to mend my cut – I was very brave and they did such a good job there is barely a scar but I got a little bit carried away with the bandages!

The plaster protecting my stitches Getting carried away with the bandages!

What cheered me up afterwards is that while I was in the Wardrobe Department, I got a sneaky peek at some of the costumes being made for the Ugly Duckling ballet. The wardrobe team are still busy putting the finishing touches on them, but here you can see the work in progress of the one of the girl duckling's costumes.

Here I am getting a closer look at the costumes!

When I spoke to my friend the Ugly Duckling earlier this week she said that she and all the ballet dancers are working very hard to perfect the ballet and make sure they are ready for the first performance on 20 October. As you can see, the costumes are coming along nicely and the set is almost finished so it’s all getting very exciting now. I can’t wait to see it – I’ve already got my ticket and will make sure I get there early to get a front row seat!

If you want to come and meet me this weekend and play some duck games at the Middleton Park Show I will be in Middleton Park from 1 – 4pm on Sunday, so I hope to see you there.

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