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Hawksworth Primary School

Published on Thursday 24 January, 2013

Northern Ballet are currently delivering a project at Hawksworth Wood Primary in Leeds, who we have enjoyed working with many times over the years. Here's what some of the pupils have been saying about the project.

Week 2

As most schools were closed due to the snow, we the children of Hawksworth Wood attended school as we prepared for the second week of our dance project with the brilliant Northern Ballet – led by the awesome Sophie Alder.

We were so eager to start, that we had got changed and we were warming up with our teacher Mr Dyson even before they arrived. The project is over 5 weeks, as we work with our Y5 class in producing a show for the whole school and parents based around our Science Topic: The Earth, The Sun and The Moon. We kid you not; we really are helping our science through dance.

After a warm up – we split into partners to create a dance movement which symbolised the earth orbiting the sun. Meaning our partners were the axis (the Sun) and our partners turned around us. We developed this further by then getting into groups of 8 to symbolise the size of the sun. We then created new movements to show how over 24 hours the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Thus it had to reflect the shadows that are formed throughout different parts of the day.

We then added ‘Earth’ dances to orbit the large sun, before finally adding the moon orbiting the Earth. Thus it was a whole class dance! The inspirational part was added to by the brilliant David. David is the piano player who needs no music. Just by watching us move – he changes the tempo and the loudness depending on how we move. Furthermore, David takes the piano to bits so he can actually play the strings (sounds like a harp) that allow the keys to play. Wow!

By Daniel, Maedeh and Kieran - Hawksworth Primary School

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