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Hawksworth Primary School, week three

Published on Friday 8 February, 2013

The snow had gone as we prepared for the third week of our dance project based around the Earth, Sun and Moon. With only two sessions left before our big celebration open day, we had to be eager to refine and practice our routines before our parents would get to see the show.

We warmed up as normal, stretching and preparing our bodies to spin, turn, stretch, leap and move. With David playing the 'harp' on the piano (he played the strings inside the piano!) we were instantly found ourselves mesmerised. The pitch and tone of the music allowed our bodies to float through the air. We walked in the path of the earths orbit firstly, being high off the ground when the sun was at midday and being low to the ground when it was daybreak and sunset.

We then got into pairs where we had to show how the Sun is different in the sky at different times of the day. We progressed this by looking at opposites. So myself and my partner had travelled firstly in the 'hot' warm Sun, before repeating the routine using 'cold' movements. This showed that whilst the Northern hemisphere was basking in the warm Sun, the southern hemisphere was out of the Sun as it was night time.

Other groups showed - 'high' and then 'low', 'smooth' and 'rigid', 'fast' and 'slow' and 'heavy' and 'light.' We were encouraged by Sophie to choose our routine before adding 'axis' spinning, leaps and turns. To refine and practice routines we needed to show how our bodies could control movement.

We gave feedback to groups which included what worked well and what we still needed to work on. Timings was our groups focus. We watched all the groups, it is looking good for next week when we will join together with Year 5 in finalising our show.

Thanks Northern Ballet, we are really all enjoying the sessions immensely.

By Christan and Lara - Hawksworth Primary School

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