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Feeling the burn

Published on Monday 15 July, 2013

Hot. Hot is how I would describe the Leeds 10k yesterday. Team NB had 17 runners from staff, Friends of the Company and our Academy's parent's association - all running to raise funds for Sponsor a Dancer.

All feeling the burn, running with Northern Ballet

I’d asked people to sponsor me and bless them, some did - thank you to everyone who sponsored me - I feel I ought to have suffered for the cause – and the heat made us all suffer, I’m also walking a bit gingerly today.

The race was initiated by Jane Tomlinson who is a modern day hero and sadly not with us anymore. I ran with people raising money for so many worthwhile causes. People were running with photos and dedications to loved ones. You couldn’t help but be inspired.

The route started in Leeds City Centre before taking us out along Kirkstall Road towards Kirkstall Abbey and back again. It was the route I used to drive every day when Northern Ballet was based at West Park. I started to think about how things had changed for the Company since then, how far we have come, how our new home has allowed us to do things we could only have dreamed of back at West Park.

I also thought about the team I was running with, the team I work with and the wider ‘team’ of Northern Ballet. We could only have achieved what we have with support from so many people. The runners running for Northern Ballet didn’t have to - they gave up their time because they care about the Company.

We were running for the future of Northern Ballet yesterday and yes we were fundraising but it was much more of a statement - we ran for a cause we believe in and I felt very proud to be part of Team NB. Well done and congratulations to everyone who took part and thank you to everyone who supported us.

Director of Communications

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