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Advice for new parents

Published on Tuesday 23 July, 2013

It's the season for babies - not only do we have two members of staff expecting very soon but their Royal Highnesses William and Catherine have just given birth to a healthy baby boy.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations and to set them on their way we asked parents at Northern Ballet what advice they'd give...

Chun (Deputy Stage Manager and dad of a 4 year-old boy) says

It's the hardest work you'll ever have to face but it is all worth it.

Laraine (Communications Director and mum of two boys)

Best advice I was given was to remember ‘everything is just a phase’ - it kept me sane through sleepless nights/teething etc; knowing it wouldn’t last forever.

Karen (Reception and mum of two daughters and grandmother of one)

I would say maintain a sense of humour, nothing is as bad as it seems!

Phill (Communications Manager and dad of a 6 year-old girl) adds

Treasure every moment, they grow up so quick.

UPDATE: Catherine and Sophie have both given birth and mothers and babies are all doing well.

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