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New Dancer Narrative

Published on Thursday 5 September, 2013

Similar to people, ballet companies have their own personality. This year as I did a tour of auditions, I discovered Northern Ballet was someone I wanted to get to know. I was drawn to their honest approach; the way they took enough time to really learn about my abilities, and also introduce me the breadth of the Company.

I joined in May when the company was in the midst of full-fledged work. The Great Gatsby was on tour in London, while everyone was also rehearsing ;for the mixed bill. I got the sense right away that everybody had their niche; people were moving vivaciously with purpose. I couldn't wait to get started.

The recipe for a good performance is getting everyone working seamlessly together. It captivates the audience with an unexplainable energy, and the cohesiveness felt between the dancers makes it satisfying to perform. Sitting in the audience as a new member of the company, I watched a fantastic performance of The Great Gatsby. As the company successfully ;combined all the necessary ingredients, an excitement crept over me as I imagined having the chance to contribute.

My work began and I was aware of how a new surrounding makes you feel. It reminds me of putting on a new pair of glasses. I noticed things I hadn't before, which brought to daily life an element of excitement at new discoveries. Quickly, I wanted to absorb everything I could about the company and about England to figure myself into the picture. Not only was I physically in a new surrounding, but the choreography I was learning in Kenny Tindall’s Luminous Juncture introduced me to movement that initially puzzled my body. I became completely engrossed as the piece took me to a new dimension in dance where my mind expanded to focus on the intention behind each movement. It was humbling to realize I was among artists who were not only dancers but also talented choreographers.

Old perspectives began to change as I saw myself in a new light, but most importantly I felt challenged to find what component I could bring to the company. As a new dancer in the company, the challenge of discovering this component is emphasized. However I don't think the search ever stops and it is the endless journey of developing what it truly is you have to offer that drives a career.

Mlindi Kulashe

Lucia Solari

Maria Beseghi

Matthew Koon


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