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Taking you behind the scenes

Published on Thursday 19 September, 2013

I have been set the mission to give you all a behind the scenes glimpse into life on tour with Northern Ballet and as our Autumn season now starts its tour of the UK, Newcastle was the first destination on the tour. 

We are taking A Midsummer Night's Dream to Newcastle Theatre Royal from Tue 17 - Sat 21 Sep. I have never really been to Newcastle before so was looking forward to seeing a new city.

Newcastle Train Station Newcastle Theatre Royal

From the second I stepped off the train it struck me that Newcastle is particularily beautiful city, rich in culture and has some stunning architecture. The Newcastle train station even looks very like the train station scene in A Midsummer Night's Dream!

Newcastle Theatre Royal is a one of England's leading theatres that opened in 1788 and you are greeted by this stunning entrance as you arrive at the theatre on Grey Street.

When Northern Ballet go on tour, the schedule is very tight. Usually the team will travel to the new venue on the Monday, set up and rehearse ready for opening night on the Tuesday. Then it's performances all week until Saturday, Sunday off and then on to the next venue (the Technical Team's schedule is tighter still, more on the heroes of the stage in a future blog...). Being on tour is very exciting and the team have to be highly organised. The theatre is all a go and when all the rehearsals and preparation is done, it is curtain call at 7.30pm.

  Rehearsal room - Newcastle Theatre Royal Newcastle Theatre Royal stage door  

So over the next few weeks I will be sneaking photos and interviewing the company as a Northern Ballet spy.

This is my mission and I chose to accept it.

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