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The Duckling's last quack of the tour...

Published on Friday 4 October, 2013

Quack! Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while but I have been travelling the country alongside my good friend Ugly who has been performing Ugly Duckling in the North & South!

Stanley the Duck in Tech

My wings are very tired but I have had a very exciting journey. In the past few weeks we have been to Newcastle & Woking and i even had the chance to visit a few duck ponds along the way.

Before the performances of Ugly Duckling at New Victoria Theatre Woking, lots of children from the local area took part in open workshops. There was leaping, jumping and plenty of feathers to play with.

I also met Lily Amy, Northern Ballet’s Company Stage Manager and she told me all about what happens backstage. I didn’t realise there was so much to think about – the team have to sort out set, props, costume, sound & lighting!

I even had the chance to visit the tech box – this is a room where the technicians make sure everything happens on stage during the show. I got to see how the lighting and sound desk worked - there were so many button and controls! It all looked very confusing but thankfully the Northern Ballet technicians know exactly how everything works and what should be happening on stage. It was great finding out about how they make everything happen during the performance! It’s just like magic! They even found a head set smaller enough for me to try on.

It's the last performances of Ugly Duckling at Nottingham Theatre Royal today, if you can come along and give all the ducklings, frogs, cats, and even the fox a great send off!


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