Our Christmas Memories

In support of our Making Memories Christmas Appeal we asked our staff to share their Christmas memories. Make sure you share yous with us using the hashtag #nbxmasmemories
My most memorable Christmas was from 1990, the year we had moved to Switzerland. Our first son was only 1 year old and it was my first truly White Christmas. I had grown up in Brazil where the heat of summer was always a reliable feature of our Christmas and so it was a real treat to have such a picturesque white winter view from our Zurich apartment looking just like a scene from one of those old Christmas films. 
Our Christmas Day then was nice and simple with the opening of presents with our son and Christmas dinner with a few friends but I do remember a wonderful sense of tranquillity and contentment.
Nowadays Christmas is a much busier family event and still a wonderful day with all our 5 children and a granddaughter in the mix.
Daniel de Andrade, Artistic Associate & Artistic Director of Children's Ballets
My most memorable Xmas was in 1976
On Xmas day I was pushing a pram containing my 22 day old son on an otherwise deserted long stretch of white sand on the east coast of South Africa  under a very hot sun. It seemed bizarre!
John Pryce-Jones, Music Director
Northern Ballet mice in The Nutcracker. Photo Emma Kauldhar.
My most memorable Christmas was when my children made the Christmas pudding for the first time, they stored it carefully in a dark cupboard and mice ate it.
Judith Hartley, Finance
Every Christmas for as long as I can remember was spent with my grandparents, who lived in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. It was always so exciting packing the car up, full of presents, and making the 8 hour drive up to see them. As soon as we got in the car it felt like Christmas.
One year it snowed so badly that we had to turn round on the way and come home. We couldn’t go to Scotland! I was absolutely devastated. We had no food in the fridge. No turkey. No pigs in blankets.
So in a complete break from our family tradition, we spent Christmas day with friends who lived in the next village. We crammed round their dining table and they shared everything with us. As an only child it was the first time I’d ever spent Christmas day with other children. It took 13 years and a lot of snow, but I will always remember that Christmas for that reason! 
Zoë Walker, Development
My most memorable Christmas memory was the year that Santa forgot my stocking!
Every Christmas my whole family wake up with a stocking each at the end of their bed full of treats from Santa. One Christmas morning, as a little girl, I woke up and there was no stocking at the end of my bed! Had Santa forgotten me?! Was I on Santa's naughty list?! I tiptoed out of my room, checked Mummy's bed, Richard, Chris, Dave and Mary's beds, Mama and Grandad's bed... Santa had given everybody their stockings - except me! My bottom lip trembled, and before I knew it I was crying to my mum, telling her all of the reasons Santa might have put me on his naughty list.
Was it because I didn't finish my dinner last night? Was it because I lied to Grandad about what time I was allowed to stay up until? It turned out that 'Santa' had drank too much sherry the night before and had forgotten to drop my stocking off before tucking into bed himself!
Luckily, in the end, my mum found my stocking and a merry Christmas was had by all.
Elise Warner, Communications & Digital
My most memorable Christmas was when I was 4.  I always loved playing in my Dad’s car.  That Christmas, I got a go-cart.  I distinctly remember it was hidden behind the sofa at my Grandma’s.  The go-cart was involved in endless games with my sister and friends over the years.  I have such happy memories of playing with it, that it is a present I replicated for my own son for his 4th birthday.
Dawn Wilson, HR
My most memorable Christmas was the year my panto friends joined the fun!
Every year my parents throw a huge party on Boxing Day night and it's pretty much an open house. It's always full of fun, laughter, games and a few sherries! In 1996, I was dancing in the panto at Blackpool Grand Theatre and after 2 packed out Boxing Day performances, I invited the entire cast and crew back to my parents house. The look on my dad's face was an absolute picture when I pranced in, eagerly followed by The 7 Dwarves! 
Leanne Kirkham, Learning
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