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Overworlds & Underworlds - one year on

Can you remember what you were doing this time last year? In this week in May 2012, we were getting ready for OverWorlds & UnderWorlds, one of the biggest most unusual events of our lives, created for the Cultural Olympiad.

Georgina May, OverWorlds & UnderWorlds

It took us out of our usual environment, into the Dark Arches, into the Victorian arcades of Leeds, onto the streets of the city centre, to the expansive green of Seacroft, down to the River Aire and up to the canalside at Thwaite Mills. Hundreds of lights were wired into public spaces like the Dark Arches to create performance spaces for dancers and miles of cable laid to carry projections and sounds. Shop windows were filled with automota, models and monitors. Then on 18th May 2012, the water rose up into the city; marching bands, water carriers, a choir of children serenading us from ornate balconies, and more...

Daniel de Andrade

Northern Ballet Ballet Master and Choreogrpaher Daniel de Andrade created a breathtaking new ballet for the event which was performed by dancers from the Company. Click above or visit The Worlds to hear Daniel talk about the experience and chellenges of working in the Dark Arches.

The Worlds

Did you explore? Did you get lost, find your way, return home again with a different experience of the city?

Come back and play again this week in The Worlds - the performers, musicians and artists from all over the region are there already, waiting for you to arrive. It's an online treasure hunt, a map for you to search, a creative archive where you can relive one unreal weekend, or create a new journey for yourself.

Or will this be your first time?
We’re waiting for the missing player. You.
Lose yourself, play the music, watch the films....

enter The Worlds...