Peter Pan creative team

This page contains information which may be out-of-date or no longer relevant. It is kept here for archive purposes only.

David Nixon, OBE – Choreography, Direction & Costume Designs
Choreography, Direction & Costume Designs
David Nixon, OBE
Patricia Doyle – Co-direction
Patricia Doyle
Stephen Warbeck – Composer
Stephen Warbeck
Peter Mumford – Set & Lighting Design
Set & Lighting Design
Peter Mumford

Production credits


  • Wardrobe Supervisor Kim Brassley
  • Assisted by Mikhaila Pye
  • Wendy, Tinkerbell, Mrs Darling, Neverbird, Michael, John & the Pirates Julie Anderson, Sarah Anderson
  • Mermaid Dresses & Tails remade by Julie Anderson
  • Assisted by Rebecca Cox, Paula Grosvenor, Donna Allen, Becky Smith
  • Original Tails designed by Naomi Parker
  • Peter Pan, Captain Hook and the Lost Boys Phil Reynolds
  • Printing and dyeing of Peter Pan costume Nicola Killeen
  • Mr Darling Day Suit Berry Thewlis
  • Mr Darling Evening Suit Leslie Woolford (Les the Tailor)
  • Neverbird Wings & Nana Naomi Parker
  • Dyeing of Mermaid Tails Kim Brassley
  • Breaking down of costumes Beth Stocks, Mikhaila Pye
  • Millinery Jane Smith
  • Northern Ballet Wardrobe Department Freya Crowley-Bennett, Rosie Etheridge, Carley Marsh
  • Wigs & Makeup Supervisor Helen Russell
  • Assisted by Faye Robertson
  • Work Placement Students University of Huddersfield:
    • Oliver Walton, Chloe Winn, Charlotte Neave, Lizzie Murray, Emily Spreadborough
  • Pointe Shoes by Freed of London


  • Original Production Manager Tim Anger
  • Revival Production Manager Steve Wilkins
  • Revival Lighting Alastair West
  • Performer flying designed and installed by The Rigging Team
  • Flying Director Adam Searle for The Rigging Team
  • Flying Supervisor Eleanor Morgan for The Rigging Team
  • Flying Team Nick Anger, Sid Taylor, Al DawsonSteve Whatling, Paul Gregory
  • Scenery Builders Topshow, Jon Moorhouse, Q Division
  • Scenic Artists Dave Gillan, Karen Gillan, Matt Grace
  • Prop Developers/Makers Ali Allen, Naomi Parker
  • Prop Makers Alex Christie, Marise Rose, Mike Roberts, Sarah Worral, Peter DeaconNorthern Ballet Technical Stage Management
  • Sword Maker Alan Meek
  • CAD Draughtsman Steve Wilkins