Peter Pan scenario

Act One

Scene 1: The Children's Room On The Top Floor Of Number 14. Night.

Mrs Darling encounters a strange being in her children's room. It escapes but leaves its shadow behind. It is the end of the day and the children, Michael, John and Wendy, with their dog Nana, play and have supper. Mr and Mrs Darling are preparing to go out to a dinner party and, with Liza their maid, get the children ready for bed before they leave.

As the children sleep, Tinker Bell, a fairy, flies into and around the room, followed by Peter Pan, whose fairy she is. Peter is looking for his shadow but when he finds it, can't get it to join on again. Wendy wakes up and sews it back on, and as Peter flies about the room her brothers wake too. Peter teaches them all to fly, with the help of Tinker Bell's fairy dust, and as Nana and their parents run into the room, they all fly out of the window and up to the stars…

Scene 2: The Stars. The First Adventure.

They fly over London, the sky and the seas, and arrive at the Island of The Neverland.

Scene 3: The Jungle. The Second Adventure.

Lost Boys, Captain Hook, the Pirates and Wild Beasts are all following each other through the jungle. There is a terrific explosion from the Pirates' cannon. Tinker Bell tells the Lost Boys that Peter has brought them some prey to shoot down. Tootles fires his arrow and Wendy falls down from the skies. On Peter's return the boys realise that jealous Tinker Bell has duped them. Wendy revives, and as her brothers arrive in the jungle, Peter leads them all off to the Mermaids' Lagoon.

Scene 4: The Mermaids Lagoon. The Third Adventure.

Mermaids are sunning themselves as the children play, eat and rest on the beach. The Pirates arrive by boat, and a fierce fight ensues. Hook is chased away by the Crocodile who wants to eat the rest of him, having eaten his arm already. Peter and Wendy are left alone on Marooner's Rock as the waters begin to rise. Wendy flies away on the tail of a kite. It won't carry two and Peter is unable to fly as Hook slashed him in the fight. He prepares to die, the biggest Adventure of all, but the Neverbird gives him her nest for a boat and he sails away and into the next Adventure.

Act Two

Scene 1: The Children's Room at Number 14. Night

Mrs Darling is asleep by the fire and Peter flies in to look at her as she sleeps. In her dreams she weeps. Peter is moved by her but flies away as she wakes to the realisation that the room is empty.

Scene 2: The Underground Home. Fourth Adventure.

Wendy is cooking supper and Peter arrives home with the day's catch. The boys go to sleep and Wendy gives Peter his medicine, drawing close to him. The two children are momentarily enchanted with one another, but Peter soon returns to his defiant self and abandons Wendy for sleep. Wendy mends their clothes and falls asleep. The pirates and Captain Hook abduct the children but Hook can't reach Peter so poisons his medicine instead. Tinker Bell wakes Peter who realises what has happened. As he prepares to rescue them all Tinker Bell tries to prevent him from drinking his medicine before he goes. She drinks it herself to save his life and begins to die. Peter asks us all to believe in fairies and to clap our hands to save her life. Tinker Bell rallies and they fly off to find Wendy and the boys.

Scene 3: The Jolly Roger – The Pirate ship. The Fifth and Last Adventure.

On board ship the pirates, except Captain Hook, celebrate the capture of the children and the imminent death of Peter Pan. Hook has the boys herded towards the plank. The Crocodile has swum out to the ship, looking for Hook. Peter Pan flies on to the ship and the great and final fight begins. Peter is triumphant and Hook jumps overboard and into the jaws of the Crocodile. Peter and the boys now take over the ship becoming pirates themselves before Peter orders them to take down the pirate flag. Tinker Bell sprinkles the ship with fairy dust as the sails unfurl and the ship begins to take flight – for home.

Scene 4: The Children's Room at Number 14. Night.

Mrs Darling and Liza are preparing the beds for the night as they always do. When Mrs Darling is alone Peter flies in and fights Mrs Darling for the children. Peter bars the window but is moved by her distress and flies away, leaving the window open for the children's return. They fly in and seeing their mother asleep creep into their beds. Nana wakes Mrs Darling up and the children are reunited with their parents and Nana. The Lost Boys are welcomed into the family by Mr Darling and Wendy and her mother are left alone. Wendy asks Peter to come and live with them all too but he realises he would have to grow up and flies off into the night, up into the stars and back to the Neverland.