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Dancers Isadora and Isaac tell us about how they maintain (or don't) fitness over the summer break...
Northern Ballet Premier Dancer and choreographer, Kenneth Tindall, discusses his latest commission for Northern Ballet, The Architect. Also features exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the piece's creation.
Three Little Pigs Choreographers Hannah Bateman and Vicky Sibson discuss starting the project and what it was like working together as choreographers for the first time.
Premier dancer, Pippa Moore, answers the question about how many pointe shoes a ballerina uses in a year... Music Dan-O at - Everything Begins
Magic consultant, Richard Pinner, has worked on Cinderella to help add magic and mystery to David Nixon's new ballet.
In a nutshell describe your job and how you got into it. I am the Music Director at Northern Ballet. I started conducting choral groups whilst at school and then developed this and orchestral conducting at University. This led to a career in Opera until 1992 when I joined Northern Ballet Where can you be found when you’re not at Northern Ballet? Artistic Director of Halifax Choral Society and Northern Orchestral Enterprises (incorporating Yorkshire Youth Choir), and freelance orchestral conducting around the UK.
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