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Full of punch, drive and energy, Powerhouse Rhumba (David Nixon OBE) serves up a visual feast of athleticism, dynamics and speed in a heart-thumping, music-pumping fiesta.

Abigail Prudames and Joseph Taylor holding on to each other while pulling away
Minju Kang leaping high with her arms above her head and feet pointed perfectly
Three male dancers crouch with one leg stretched straight
Northern Ballet dancers performing impressive dance moves
Mlindi Kulashe and Andrew Tomlinson face each other as they reach high with one arm whole holding their left leg aloft with the other

Creative Team

  • Graeme Koehne
Set & Lighting Design
  • Andy Waddington
Scenic Artist
Costumes by
  • Yumiko
Costumes organised by

Photos taken by Emma Kaudlhar.