Tortoise & the Hare characters

Who's who in Tortoise & the Hare...


He is slow and steady, never to be rushed but very determined. He is best friends with Molly the Mole and doesn’t like to see her, or anyone else, teased.


Champion runner and very competitive. Hare loves to win everything he does, and thinks he can beat Tortoise in a race without even trying very hard. 

Molly the Mole

She can't see very well without her glasses on. She’s best friends with Tortoise and encourages him to be the best he can be.

Harold the Hare

He likes to race and would love to win. Sometimes he tries too hard because he wants to be the best.

The Bunnies

They love cheerleading and like to show off their best moves while supporting the racers.

Bumble Bee

She is very proud of her delicious honey and would like everyone to taste how good it is.


He is athletic and playful, and loves throwing acorns around.


Beautiful and graceful, she enjoys fluttering around flowers and doesn’t like to be distracted.

Photos Brian Slater.