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  • Kevin Poeung as Puck. Photo Jason Tozer.
    'Lord, what fools these mortals be!' Puck, Act III, scene ii
  • Pippa Moore and Ashley Dixon as Titania and Oberon. Photo Jason Tozer.
    'Sound, music! Come, my queen, take hands with me, And rock the ground whereon these sleepers be.' Oberon, Act IV, scene i
  • Matthew Topliss as Bottom. Photo Jason Tozer.
    'I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was.' Bottom, Act IV, scene i
  • Matthew Topliss as Bottom and Pippa Moore as Titania. Photo Jason Tozer.
    'Come, sit thee down upon this flowery bed, While I thy amiable cheeks do coy, And stick musk-roses in thy sleek smooth head, And kiss thy fair large ears, my gentle joy.' Titania, Act IV, scene i
  • Pippa Moore & Ashley Dixon as Titania & Oberon. Photo Jason Tozer.
    'What, jealous Oberon! Fairies, skip hence: I have forsworn his bed and company.' Titania, Act II, scene i
  • Kevin Poeung as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Photo Jason Tozer.
    'So, good night unto you all. Give me your hands, if we be friends, And Robin shall restore amends.' Puck, Act V, scene ii