International Summer School 2015

The aim of our senior summer school is to prepare students for company life, to help them to understand the demands of a professional career on their bodies and the discipline required to prevent injury.  Students will learn the fundamentals of the Ichino technique - a pre-requisite for acceptance by Northern Ballet.

Northern Ballet currently has seven dancers who are past summer school attendees - Joshua Barwick, Ashley Dixon, Olivia Holland, Benjamin Mitchell, Jessica Morgan, Victoria Sibson and Matthew Topliss.

In addition to dance classes (ballet, contemporary, repertoire, jazz, virtuosity) there will be enrichment sessions covering many vital topics - anatomy, nutrition, drama, Pilates, and opportunities to watch Northern Ballet in rehearsal.

The faculty will include members of the Academy teaching team, the Academy Associate Director Yoko Ichino as well as guest teachers and, if available, David Nixon OBE (Artistic Director).

The Summer School is an exciting and vibrant time when pupils from established dance schools across the world join together to strive towards their careers. Prepare to ache and groan before you achieve improved posture and technique, giving you the freedom to express yourself and smile!

"Northern Ballet Summer School has been truly inspirational, not only benefitting me as a dancer but as a person too, preparing me for what’s to come"

Student from Central School of Ballet

Girls will be expected to work on pointe from day 2, and boys will be given upper body strengthening. The demands are high, and therefore the improvement can be huge. If you aspire to becoming a ballet dancer, this summer school is for you! Come and join us!

Northern Ballet’s first International Summer School was held in 1999. It has run annually for the past 13 years and has been attended by more than 700 students. It is a great way for the next generation of dancers to have their first experience of training with the company- in fact 10 of our current company dancers had all been students on our summer school before they joined the company.

The Summer School consists of one week for Junior students aged 12 – 16 years old and two weeks for Senior students aged 16 – 19 years old.

School dates & prices

Intermediate Summer School 12-16, 27 July – 1 August, £235

Senior Summer School 16-19, 3 – 15 August, £375

"I come back to Northern Ballet every year. It’s my dance therapy- no one else explains and understands my movement in the same way"

Andrew McNicol, Academy student 2006-08 now choreographing for New English Ballet Theatre

Application Process

Download application form (must be with us by 25 February 2015)

Students in full-time vocational training do not need to audition, just complete the application form.

Students outside of the UK can audition via DVD or online video link. Video must include centre practise, combinations (adage, pirouettes, jumps & traveling combos).